George T. Weldon Construction was founded on hard work, client satisfaction, ethics, and a drive to make a difference. We recognize that our employees are our greatest asset. We are very serious about employee safety and work hard to ensure that everyone goes home each night to their families safe and sound.

George and Judy Weldon

George T. Weldon Construction was started in 1975 by George and Judy Weldon. George is the President of the company but has somewhat retired...although if there is a job to be done in the field and he's needed he will climb in the equipment as he's still certified to operate the equipment and get to work. He also raises, and trains racehorses and has won and continues to win trophies for his horses winning races. Judy is the Executive Secretary and oversees invoices to make sure billing is correctly sent to clients along with overseeing so much more. George and Judy have been working in the Pipeline/Oil/Gas Construction business since 1963 when they moved from Vernal, Utah to Anchorage, Alaska to work on a pipeline and this picture shows them in 2015 in front of the apartment complex they had lived back then. Besides this great company they are proud parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. They also enjoy many outdoor activities with friends and family.

Mike Weldon

CEO, General Manager Mike has been the CEO and General Manager for George T. Weldon Construction for 8 plus years, but grew up working in this business alongside his dad and younger brother. As the CEO Mike is responsible for overseeing the company budget, making major purchase, job and employee decisions. Mike manages the overall operations and resources of the company and demonstrates safety leadership and creates the hiring plan. He determines what jobs the company bids on and works diligently on putting the bids together. Outside of work he loves being a husband, parent and grandpa and loves spending time in the great outdoors.

Morgan Ainge

Business Development Morgan has been working for George T. Weldon Construction for 3 plus years as the Business Development Manager. Morgan enjoys creating and maintaining strong relationships with clients, old and new. With more than 30 years experience in the oil and gas industry, he brings knowledge and expertise to each client he speaks with. Morgan is a proud father, and grandfather and loves spending time with his family. He has always been an avid outdoors man and has loved riding horses since he was a young boy. Morgan and his wife like making lasting and fun memories traveling all over the country and the world. If your company is in need of General Engineering, Oilfield Contractors, Pipeline Construction, Roustabout Crews, Hot Shot Services, Trucking, Excavation, Crane Services, and Metal Building Construction, give Morgan a call at 435-828-3329 or email him at morgan@gtweldon.com.

Darren Anderson

Safety Manager As the Safety Manager for George T. Weldon Construction, Darren is responsible for the technical and functional tasks related to safety of all employees and crews working for the company on all jobsites. He is responsible for the implementation of Company safety policies, procedures, and methods; His overall objective is to help create and sustain a productive work culture with uncompromised commitment to the protection of the employees so they can maintain high productivity. Darren comes to George T. Weldon Construction with vast experience in the trucking industry both as a CDL driver, Operations Manager and CDL Driver Trainer, Heavy Equipment Operator, Real Estate Appraiser, and business owner. His favorite part of life is being a grandfather and loves spending time with each one of his grandchildren. He is married to his best friend and a proud father of two sons and daughters-in-law. Darren keeps himself busy when outside of work and would not have it any other way. He enjoys traveling and spending quality time with his wife.

Mariann Gudac

Mariann has worked for George T. Weldon Construction since 2016 and is the hard working, diligent Office Manager. This position comes with many different job roles and responsibilities. She handles invoicing, accurately entering employee time for payroll, employee vacation, minor hr duties and so much more. Mariann prides herself on being a great wife, mother and grandmother, and loves to spend time with family and friends. She is an extremely talented artist and painter. Mariann has a positive, happy attitude about life and helps keep the personnel in the office that way too. (435) 789-9059 ext. 2 mariann@gtweldon.com

Mindi Atwood

Mindi started working at George T. Weldon Construction in 2019 and definitely stays busy with her job. She oversees accounts payable, administrative duties and marketing, as well as other items that come up and need to be completed. Her biggest accomplishments are her daughters, sons and grandchildren. She loves spending time with her husband and is the proud parent of 3 small dogs. She enjoys Harley riding, traveling, and having fun adventures with family and friends. Mindi is reachable at the office Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. (435) 789-9059 ext. 1 Mindi@gtweldon.com

Alfonso Herrera

We'd like to thank Alfonso Herrera for his hard work and dedication to our company. He has been awarded the October 2020 Employee Spotlight.